CERN directory

360° tour: ATLAS Experiment - Inside CERN's largest detector! [CC]

  1. CERN ROOT Tutorial 2: Installing ROOT
  2. Unveiling CERN Cloud Architecture
  3. CERN’s Next Generation Data Analysis Platform with Apache Spark with Enric Tejedor (CERN)
  4. SWAN: CERN's Jupyter-based interactive data analysis service - Diogo Castro (CERN)
  5. CERN: Upgrading the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
  6. CERN Highlights 2020

CERN's 1500 Drupal Websites on Kubernetes: Sa

  1. How CERN Is Uncovering the Secrets of Our Universe
  2. ICHEP 2016 - Interview: Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Director-General
  3. Science Demonstrations Preemptible Instances at CERN and Bare Metal Containers for HPC at SK
Aerial view of the CERN-Meyrin site during building workCERN openlab summer students 2017 group photo - CERN

Video: Beyond Higgs: The Wild Frontier of Particle Physics

This result could change physics forever

  1. The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios
  2. Creating Black holes & The 'God' Particle | The Edge
  3. Is There Really a Chance that the Large Hadron Collider Could Destroy the Planet?

How Does the Large Hadron Collider Work?

  1. CERN and the LHC (Large Hadron Collider)
  2. Can the Large Hadron Collider Kill Us?
  3. CERN logo
  4. CERN ROOT tutorial for beginners -- 1. File I/O (TFile Class)

Session 4 Effective Collaboration with CERN & Purdue University

  1. Designing the Future Circular Collider
  2. Solve 2015: London - Tim Bell, CERN
  3. Microsoft DFS to CERNBox Home Directories migration

A day in the life of an OpenStack operator at CERN -English version-

CLASSE: CMS Computing | CERNFirst proton-lead ion collisions recorded by ALICE - CERNAerial view of CERN site of Meyrin and Globe of Innovation
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