BigQuery version control

Securing GCP Projects with VPC Service Controls

  1. Google BigQuery Tutorial
  2. What is BigQuery?
  3. Data Warehousing With BigQuery: Best Practices (Cloud Next '19)
  4. Big Query Live Training - A Deep Dive into Data Pipelining
  5. Developing solutions with BigQuery and Data Studio - DataVis DevTalk

How to Customize Data Studio Reports Using BigQuery Parameters

  1. Dealing with and managing versioning
  2. Data Modeling for BigQuery (Google Cloud Next '17)
  3. Reimagine Data Warehousing: How The Home Depot is Using BigQuery to Scale (Cloud Next '19)
  4. Managing access with Cloud IAM
  5. What is Data Pipeline | How to design Data Pipeline ? - ETL vs Data pipeline

How to: Work at Google — Example Coding/Engineering Interview

Cloud Data Warehouse Benchmark Redshift vs Snowflake vs BigQuery Fivetran

How to Version Control Your Metrics to Create a Single Source of Truth for Business Metrics

Top 6 Open-Source Version Control Tools For DataHow Could Google Data Studio Benefit My Business? | GravytrainVisual Analytics with Aqua Data Studio | AquaFold, Anpybelieva · PyPIRePub, Erasmus University Repository: The Impact ofRePub, Erasmus University Repository: Planning and Control
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